Supplemental Benefits - Why You May Need them

By Scott Swartzendruber

Supplemental benefits are simply extra insurance benefits you can purchase that will fill the gap where your main insurance policy falls short. It doesn't matter how great an insurance policy you have because there will still be portions of the medical expenses that you will be responsible for. It can be very frustrating to pay premiums and then still be left holding the bag for high deductibles and co-insurance expenses. And, it would certainly be wonderful if all insurance policies paid 100%, but that is probably not going to happen. Finally people are getting the message that supplemental benefits can protect them from these medical expenses.

Today there are supplemental benefits plans, that don't cost an arm and a leg in premiums, that can help you with those left over medical bills. If you, are members of your family, receive medical care on a regular basis, or have a chronic illness, then a supplemental plan is something to think about. Supplemental plans come with different benefits, just as your health insurance plan does. You may want a plan that pays the medical providers direct, or you may opt for a plan that pays the lump sum cash directly to you. Many people prefer the cash-to-you policies because the cash can be used for lost wages, food, or whatever expenses you need.

Besides regular supplemental benefits, you can buy Cancer policies and Critical Care Insurance that covers diseases other than Cancer. On some supplemental policies, such as the Cancer policy, you need to have taken out the policy before you are diagnosed with the disease.

If your family has a history of Cancer, or any other debilitating disease, then maybe you should consider talking to a license insurance agent about setting up some Critical Care insurance now. Families that experience an illness of this nature are flooded with medical bills, and on top of fighting a dreaded disease, the stress can almost be too much. With a supplemental policy in place you can know that you will help in this time of need.

Sit down and take a good look at your health policy and you will see that there may be some areas where a good supplemental benefit plan could really be beneficial. Insurance is not always a bill that people like to pay, but when illness strikes, the relief you feel because you have insurance makes it all worth while.

Scott Swartzendruber has been helping businesses for 30 years with the proper communication and health care options for employees. To learn more on how Scott can help your company and held out all the health care changes visit [http://www.HealthCareSite.org]

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