Supplemental Health Insurance Plans - Options And A Way To Pay Without Changing Your Budget

By Chimezirim Chinecherem Odimba

There are many types of supplemental health insurance plans that you can take advantage of. There is also a way you can pay for them without altering your current insurance budget. The best part of it all is that the process won't take you much time. But, you must make sure you understand it well and implement it correctly. First, I'll take out time to explain a few things about them...

Just as their names suggest, they are supplemental. They are not substitutes for regular health insurance policies. However, they can help you recoup money you've spent on health care needs or income lost due to health matters. The usual procedure is that you pay first and then make a claim for reimbursement. This is so because supplemental health insurance providers don't pay health care providers directly as is the case with most regular health insurance plans.

There are many types of supplemental health insurance plans. They are supplemental accident insurance, supplemental health insurance, supplemental disability insurance, supplemental life insurance, supplemental long term car insurance and supplemental medicare insurance. Others are supplemental cancer insurance (and for other specific diseases not usually covered under regular health insurance) and supplemental hospital insurance.

In each of the above cases, you get coverage on those specific areas that are not covered by your regular health insurance. Where it is partly covered by your regular health insurance policy, it extends the coverage. While it is highly recommended that you get it, getting the extra dollars to pay for it could be a problem. Here's how to get the extra dollars...

Visit insurance quotes sites and obtain quotes for your existing insurance policies. The reason you should do this is that if you can save a few hundred dollars from your auto, home, health and other existing insurance policies, you will be able to pay for most supplemental insurance plans without altering your current insurance budget.

Visit at least three sites for each insurance policy. Get quotes for all your existing policies and then compare them to see savings you will make. Someone was able to make savings of over $2,000. Although you may not make anywhere close to such an amount in savings, you should make savings enough to cover at least one supplemental health insurance plan.

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