What Is Supplemental Insurance? And Why Is Supplemental Insurance So Important To Businesses

by Amy DeLorge

What is Supplemental Insurance? Supplemental insurance is insurance that supports the policy owner and his/her family. Supplemental insurance has come a-long way from 20 to 50 years ago where we only had Life or Cancer Insurance to choose from, and where an individual had to give the greatest sacrifice to receive the benefits for his/her family to be financially secure. Today we have an array of policies to choose from where the policy owner and his/her family can reap the financial benefits through just a life event.

For example with an Accident policy if an individual is working in his yard one day and ends up cutting himself. The family runs to the emergency room so he can get a number of stitches; he is qualified for a claim and will receive a benefit check in the mail addressed to him to use as he sees fit. This is just one policy that is on the market today but there are a number of policies that pay benefits through life events.

For example: short-term disability policies, hospitalization policies, intensive care, and specific illness policies. These policies are beneficial especially if you know that in your family history there is heart disease that has plagued your family for generations and there is really nothing that you can do for it, meaning diet and exercise doesn't alter the outcome. You can still protect your family and love ones by purchasing a "Specific Illness Policy" that pays thousands to you and your family for about an hour's wage a week. I really don't know of anyone that can't afford that protection even if they are only making minimum wage.

Why is Supplemental Insurance so important to Businesses? Supplemental insurance is so very important today's business world because the benefits outweigh the effort. A business can drop their premiums on Dental, Vision, Short-Term Disability, and Life by offering supplemental insurance from a few choice providers and not compromise coverage for their employees, at a savings of thousands of dollars a year; plus a 7% write-off of your FICA.

So saving thousands of dollars a year plus the tax savings helps that bottom-line and gives an intelligent business owner extra capital to work with. I really can't see a business owner not being interested in saving money when they are not compromising on coverage by any means, and still offering exceptional benefits to their employees.

I'm Amy DeLorge and for several years now, I have helped companies implement a revolutionary strategy to overcome the scares and fears of the medical industry. I can show you how to offer benefits that have no employee "number" to be qualified as a group and will not cost your company a thing. There is a very easy...very simple...very effective strategy that you can use to improve your benefit package, melt your premium cost, and completely remove the stress of the administrative cost as well.


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