Understanding Supplemental Health Insurance

By Lucy S Thomas

What Does Supplemental Medical Insurance Means? This is the kind of insurance that complements the gaps in your regular med insurance coverage. These gaps include deductibles, co-payments and additional expenses not included in the regular health insurance plan.

Who Needs Supplemental Health Insurance? Although everyone can merit from a supplemental health insurance policy, some needs it more than most. Those who need this type of med insurance the most are the self-employed, those with children, those who are on Medicare or those who can't handle the financial blow due to unemployment resulting from illness or injury.

What is Inclusive of a Supplemental Medical Insurance Policy? This type of insurance covers a broad list of everyday expenditures. For instance, other supplementary insurance policy pay cash benefit to help settle bills when you are unemployed. Other help cover health treatments associated with critical medical conditions such as cancer, heart attack and stroke. One of the leading causes of bankruptcy in the United States is disability which resulted to work interruption and later on work loss. While regular medical insurance plans usually cover medical expenses, it does not pay the expenses related with work loss. These costs will be covered by a supplemental health insurance policy, known as "Disability" insurance.

Elderly Americans knows full well how big the cost of a long term care treatment is. Another supplemental health or medical insurance policy, known as "Long-Term Care policy will cover expenses for a nursing home as well as the services for assisted living and home medical care.

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