Why Should One Get Supplement Insurance?

By Jack M Patterson

Cancer insurance, heart and stroke protection and accident coverage can supplement a policy that is already in force. Supplemental insurance can greatly benefit the insured people, especially those who have a medium to high risk of meeting such potentially devastating circumstances.

A lot of people believe they do not need a supplement policy because they are under the guise that their traditional insurance plan is enough to cover the costs brought on by major diseases or accidents. While this is true to some extent, traditional policies such as health or medical insurance or a life plan with a cancer coverage rider are usually limited to medical expenses. Hidden costs such as transportation, child care and home care expenses are not covered.

Supplemental policies supplement insurance by providing the insured individual with the financial assistance they need for these hidden costs. Unlike medical plans, which may require deductibles and wherein the payment usually bypasses the policy holder and goes to a preauthorized healthcare provider, supplemental policies give the payment directly to the insured. There are no limitations on how the amount can be spent. There are also no restrictions for the person's choice of doctors or hospitals.

Cancer coverage and heart and stroke insurance are best applied for by people who are susceptible to the health conditions covered by these supplemental policies. If one has close family members who are suffering or have died of cancer, for example, and this person already owns a health policy, then it would be advisable to supplement this policy with cancer insurance.

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